IELTS practice exams and exercises

Holmesglen Institute of TAFE provides some excellent practice and advice

Passport to English has some excellent videos

Links to practice exams on the internet. 

Excellent advice from an IELTS examiner. Download her report from Best IELTS online
IELTS Exam Speaking Part 1 - the interview questions

This section lasts for approximately 4-5 minutes.  In the IELTS exam the examiner will ask personal questions about familiar topics.

Here are some typical Part 1 questions.  If you would like to listen to a native speaker answering these questions appropriately for the IELTS exam, please join the website using the link at the top of the page.    If you are already a member click here

​1.  What ways are there of having fun in your hometown?
2.  What do you like the most about your hometown?
3.  What types of weather are there in your country?
4.  What kind of weather do you like? Why?
5.  What kind of weather don't you like? Why?
6.  Didyou enjoy visiting museums when you were a child?
7.  Do you think museums are enjoyable for children?
8.  Where is a good place to meet people?

If you'd like to practice answering Part 1 questions you can do this on the member page. There are 8 questions.  Play the first question, then pause and answer the question, play the next question and pause to answer.  This gives you a far more realistic practice opportunity than just reading questions and answering them.