IELTS Exam Speaking Part 3 - the discussion

This section lasts for 3-4 minutes.
The examiner will ask questions related to the topic from part 2, but these questions are far more abstract and global.  

The aim is for you and the examiner to have a discussion so you are expected to give opinions and explain why you have these opinions.
IELTS practice exams and exercises

Holmesglen Institute of TAFE provides some excellent practice and advice

Passport to English has some excellent videos

Links to practice exams on the internet. 

Excellent advice from an IELTS examiner. Download her report from Best IELTS online

As a website member you can download information on how to answer part 3 questions.  This helps you to choose the best phrases, vocabulary and grammar to use to achieve the score you need.

You can also listen to a native speaker answering part 3 questions related to the topic discussed in part 2 on this website.

You also have the chance to practice answering part 3 questions.

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